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Software for Unmanned Vehicles


The main purpose of the U-Core Mission Management Software is to enable Unmanned Vehicle Interoperability:

to be able to share a common communication, protocol and open interfaces through the use of an implemented standard:

NATO STANAG (STANdardisation AGreement) 4586


ROI On Unmanned
Life-Cycle Costs
ROI On Unmanned
Life-Cycle Costs
Common Vehicle Control Software
ONE Control Software to Manage

Open Architecture

Due to the nature of the NATO STANAG 4586, the architecture of the U-Core Mission

Management Software is based on Open Standards Interfaces that allows seamless

systems integration with 3rd party systems:

  • Payload (EO/IR, GMTI Radar, CBRN sensors etc.)
  • Unmanned Vehicles: Unmanned Aerial (UAV), Surface (USV) , Underwater (UUV) and Ground
    (UGV) vehicles.
  • Combat Management Systems for naval units (C4I: Command, Control, Computer,
    Communication Intelligence), Battlefield Management Systems (BMS) for ground-based units etc

Examples of incremental upgrades:

Due to the Modular and Scalable architecture of our U-Core Mission Management Software for Unmanned Vehicles, the software and solution can be upgraded step by step based on requirements and budgets

  • New AutoPilot
  • New Vehicle Specific Module (VSM) for new Unmanned Vehicle
  • New control features, e.g. SWARM, Manned Unmanned teaming optimization
  • Hardware expansion and/or upgrades for the U-Core Mission Management Software




Our specialized consultancy for Unmanned Systems is offered to meet your
exact requirements and needs

  • Feasibility Studies – Technical & Economical
  • Unmanned Systems Design
  • Cyber Security Audit with Readiness Review
  • Datalink Communication Technology Analysis and Assessment
  • 3rd Party Systems Analysis and Assessment
  • Technology Assessment
  • Training programs for unmanned fleet management, remote piloting and certification


  • Systems Engineering
  • Integration, Veritifcation & Evaluation
  • Systems & Solution Testing
  • Operational Training
  • Maintenance & Follow-On Support
  • VSM (Vehicle Specific Module) Development – Make your Unmanned Vehicle and/or AutoPilot STANAG 4586 compliant.
  • Annual software maintenance, support and upgrade framework
  • 24/7 software technical support
  • Custom maintenance, ILS, spares & support packages framework with service level agreements
  • Customer network operations center solutions for remote piloting of unmanned fleet solutions
  • Customized Software Development for Unmanned Systems

WHAT we do

Unmanned Systems are now unleashed!

Our mission is to develop the world’s most advanced, yet simple-to-use Control & Mission Management System for Unmanned Vehicles of all kind.

By enabling Interoperability and Open-standards on our U-Core Mission Management Software, our product can be developed and integrated with:

  • Any Unmanned Vehicle, e.g. UAV, UGV, USV, UUV etc.
  • Any Payload, EO/IR Camera, Radar, LIDAR, CBRN Sensors etc.
  • Any “Backbone” system, e.g. C4I Node
  • Any Datalink communication, e.g., Radio, SATCOM, Ground Telecom etc.

Software Development Process

Hybrid Approach

Leveraging on our experience from the aviation and defense industry, we have conceptualized and implemented our very own approach combining the best elements of both Agile Methodologies and Safety Critical Software Development

The best of both worlds

By implementing elements from both Agile methodologies and Safety Critical Software Development, Unmanned systems is positioned take the best elements from each to solve the challenge of the past-paced drone and constantly changing drone market and at the same time developing reliable and safety-critical software for Unmanned Systems, effectively taking Unmanned Systems to the next level

our story

Innovators. Simplifiers. Futurists

Unmanned Systems was founded by Mr. Pawel Kruk, an internationally experienced multiindustry professional with a vision for creating the world’s most preferred Control & Mission Management Software for Unmanned Vehicles.

After working many years and seeing first-hand the problem of closed proprietary solutions limiting end-users greatly and at the same time increasing costs and adding limitations, the goal was to develop a truly open, modular and scalable product and solution.

Leveraging on our uniquely combined experience from the Aviation, Maritime, Defense, SATCOM and Complex Software Development industries, Unmanned Systems is positioned with a unique insight into delivering the most innovative solutions to the global drone market for Defense, Civilian and Security applications.

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